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Discussing the biggest challenges to face young people in the last 100 years

Newday presents: Youth Culture 2019.


Serious youth violence is increasing, mental health issues are growing and sexual liberty is leaving more and more young people damaged - often dealing with the consequences online with exposure to the wider world.

But we believe that the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is timeless and the freedom He brings speaks into every age, to every area, to every issue and is available to all.

How do you get to grips with the real issues that are challenging and influencing young people today? With an incredible line-up of some of the UK’s best speakers and Bible teachers on these issues, we want to provide a better understanding, develop compassion and sharpen practical skills to help you love and disciple young people in a greater way.

So we’re inviting you to join us at Youth Culture 2019, to be part of making a change, to help bring true Hope to the generations emerging.




Indigo at the O2,

205 Peninsula Square,

London, SE10 0ES


Sat 09 Feb 2019

10am - 18:30


Speakers & HOSTS


Rebekah Walker

#yc19: Host

Rebekah has been working in commercial radio for the past three years and currently works in radio production as well as being a voice over artist. Rebekah has been serving young people at Newday for last 7 years in the Rhythm Factory and 15-19s. Rebekah attends Emmanuel Church New Cross. 


Ben Rowe

#yc19: Host

Ben has been working with young people for the last decade through local youth works and helping to lead Newday, a Christian youth festival running every year in the summer. The last two years he has been working directly for Newday and now leads the executive team. He is keen to help young people across the nation have the opportunity to meet Jesus and encounter His love through the local church.



#yc19: Host

Wayne is the Youth Pastor at Kings Community church leading and discipling hundreds of young people both with in his local church and community. Wayne has been a youth worker for over 20 years and is passionate about mentoring young people and seeing young people discover what it looks like to do life with Jesus. Alongside his role he is currently doing a degree in person centred counselling and also supports and trains many youth leaders around the country.



#yc19: Speaker

Joel is the Senior Pastor of Emmanuel in Brighton and leads the Newday team. Married to Kate they have a heaving brood with five children and love the unpredictability of their day-to-day life. Brighton is their ideal home and they adore its energy and the way it comes alive in summer. Joel, when not studying behind a teetering pile of books, can be found chewing up the concrete on his Vespa. You can follow @JoelVirgo on Instagram and Twitter.


Paula Hall

#yc19 topic: Sex & pornography

Paula Hall (UKCP Reg, BACP Acc, COSRT Acc, ATSAC) is a psychotherapist working in the field of Sex Addiction and is author of Understanding & Treating Sex & Pornography Addiction (Routledge 2018), Confronting Porn (Naked Truth 2016) and Sex Addiction – The Partners Perspective (Routledge 2015). She has also been published in a number of academic journals and within the professional press. Paula was a founder member of ATSAC and served as Chair for three years and is currently Clinical Director of The Laurel Centre who provide treatment for addiction and training for professionals. In addition to working with individuals and couples, she developed the Hall Recovery Course which is available around the UK and also under licence in Denmark, Holland, Dubai and South Africa, and provides intensive programmes for both people with addiction and partners. She has spoken at conferences in the UK, Europe and in the US on behalf of ISSM, ESSM, UKCP, BACP, ATSAC and ICCAD.

Watch Paula’s TED talk titled “We Need To Talk About Sex Addiction.”


Ben Lindsay

#yc19 topic: Youth violence

Ben is founder of Power The Fight, a new charity launching in 2019 to train and empower communities to end youth violence.  Ben is an experienced trainer and facilitator with more than 17 years spent working with high risk young people in the field of gangs and serious youth violence. In 2010 Ben developed the gangs and serious youth violence strategy for Camden Council and then went on to work for the mental health charity MAC-UK leading their mini mac project.  Since 2016, Ben has been the lead pastor at Emmanuel New Cross in South East London. Ben was Chair of the Greenwich Independent Advisory Group until 2016. His first book We Need Talk About Race - The Black Experience in the UK Church will be released in 2019 through SPCK Publishing.


Will van der Hart

#yc19 topic: Mental health

Rev Will Van Der Hart was educated at Cambridge and later Oxford University where he studied both education and theology. Will is a founding director of 'Mind and Soul' a mental and emotional health think tank with an international reach. Alongside his colleague Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Rob Waller, Will has written The The Perfectionism Book: Walking the Path to Freedom, The Guilt Book, The Worry Book 'The Mind and Soul Course', The Stuff of Life . Will is Pastoral Chaplain at HTB London.


Tickets: £40


All tickets are booked through the O2 Indigo website.



As the identity of young people is being distorted and lost, living virtual lives that show the world life is perfect and so is my body, behind the cheery faces or hard exteriors is a monsoon of questions and concerns, insecurities and ill-feelings. Youth culture today is facing some of the biggest challenges of the last 100 years.

God has called us to serve and equip youth leaders to engage with matters of youth culture and to see a generation reached and changed for the glory of God.

We love young people and are dedicated to seeing change in the UK through the work of Jesus through His people we would love you to be part of the journey beginning Feb 9th at O2 Indigo YC19.


Newday is one of the largest Christian events for young people that takes place in the UK every year. Young people aged right through their teenage years and on into their early 20s join together from churches up and down the UK and Europe to learn about and worship God, camp out together and soak in the summer festival feeling, leaving Newday further along in their relationship with Jesus.